Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Pastel: Bright Encounter

New pastel on sanded paper, Bright Encounter, 14 x 14 inches.
This began as a completely different image, but the pastel got away from me, so I turned it upside down and began a new work over the failed one.  I do like the way this worked out via the moves I made to make this work a success.

Careful hanging around Casey Klahn...he can be a good motivator. This was pastel was done at his great workshop last weekend.  There were a lot of good works that resulted while we were 'under the influence."  thanks Casey...that dent you put in my head is barely showing now, and I have some nice pastels to show for it  ;)
Unframed, $1100.

Perhaps you would like to attend my upcoming Ken Elliott oil and pastel workshop:  
Making it Fine Art
A two-day workshop in Denver, Sat-Sun, July 21-22.
Two-day workshop: $225. per person  Complete info
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  1. I'm a witness to this awesome work's generation, Ken. Great image of it, too.

  2. Beautiful painting with great colours.

    1. Thank you Casey and Karin! Gotta do more with that encouragement.