Friday, May 25, 2012

New Pastel: Bright Flow

A new pastel: Bright Flow, pastel on sanded paper, 8 x 14 1/2 inches
Also available as limited edition giclee print

I got to push off on this pastel.  It's a line of trees that I'm familiar doing, but I never got this much glow and chroma going on before.  I was aware of what was happening on the paper and kept adding power.

The tree on the right was a big problem.  It was a dark mass and I kept trying to resolved it as a dark body.  I finally ran out of reasonable options and just smashed in a bright yellow over the darks to make something, anything happen.  I got an unexpected result of a delicate, transparent tree and with some added details, a convincing addition to the right side of this work.

On the lower left side I added the reds, subtracting red color with a blue overlay from the left to right.  I debated toning down the far left red but elected to leave it exposed and ran more reds up into the line of trees.  It screams a bit this way and I like the noise it makes.  This will make a great path to a larger oil.

I did this during the Casey Klahn workshop recently in Denver.  He had the room cookin' it that day!  Did I tell you he is a dangerous character? :)

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  1. I always agreed that the red was exactly right. Vibrant work, Ken!!

  2. Ken, I am enjoying seeing what you are doing these days. I envy you the time with the Casey Klahn workshop. I enjoy his work also! Putting your words to what you have done is an added bonus. Thanks for posting. Love this one about running out of reasonable options! Spot on about the tree looking transparent after pushing in the yellow. I get some same results when I just brush off pastel and then "aha" about what is left.

  3. Absolutely Marsha.
    I'm thinking I need to incorporate more 'ahas' into my working method and not wait for the desperate moment. Those ‘ahas’ make for better works and they are great fun too....takes a bit of courage at times to make the move.

    By the way, your work "Musical Waters" on the front page of your blog does it for me.

  4. No, you did not tell us that he is a dangerous character. But he told us himself, the ogre. At the online workshop we were VERY frightened of him. LOL

    And: Bright Flow is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Thank you for the kind words Karin. Casey is a delight...I like his act.