Monday, July 25, 2016

July 2016 Newsletter

July News:

It was a delight to travel to Houston and attend my group show last week at the Arden's Gallery - a big thank you to all that came by. Did I mention that Houston has the best Mexican food? I indulged.

Today a large canvas is being crated for shipping to a private client in Illinois and happily,  more commissions are in the works.

Coming up, I am honored to be the juror for the Pikes Peak Pastel Society exhibition in September as well as putting on a workshop sponsored by the group. Also in August through October of this year, I will be offering more Making it Fine Art Workshops in Colorado and Massachusetts. workshop info

Let's make the most of this remarkable summer!

Currently Exhibiting:

Opening night at Arden's Gallery last week

Ken Elliott and Karen Dollahon, Two-Person show.
Through August 31

Workshops / Private Sessions:
Take your work to new heights. These workshops and private sessions will focus on strategies for making better paintings, going to new places in your work and making fine art.

Location of last months Workshop in Steamboat Springs, CO

Making it Fine Art Workshop in Boulder, CO March 2016
Castle Rock, CO (Denver metro)
Making it Fine Art Workshop  filled
Sat and Sun, August 20-21  9:30 - 5pm
Another Castle Rock Workshop has just been announced for October 15-16

Spring 2017
Making it Fine Art Workshops / Advanced Strategies  2 1/2-Day
Sponsored by the North River Arts Society

Register by contacting Peggy Bruno 781-837-8091
Open to artists in all media. This is a new, advanced version of Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshop. We will be going deeper into making better and more appealing artworks with a variety of strategies. I will also show you Photoshop techniques for taking your works to the next level and creating better pathways for finishing your artworks.   

Making it Fine Art / Pastel
Colorado Springs, Colorado
September 23 and 24, 2016 9:45 am - 4:30 pm
Sponsored by the Pikes Peak Pastel Society

Castle Rock, CO (Denver metro)
Making it Fine Art Workshop  three spaces left
Sat and Sun, October 15-16  9:30 - 5pm
Open to artists at all skill levels and media. An indoor, two-day workshop limited to 6 participants. $390 per person. Let me know if you need help with transportation and accommodations.

Great things happen in these Fine Art Classes with information that will last for a lifetime.

New Works:

Gathering Light
oil on canvas 36 X 36    $5100 framed

Sunset in Orange and Pink study
Oil on canvas, 16 x 16 inches
$1550 framed

Grateful Notices:

Saccades V
Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches
Private collection, Illinois

Ken's work the Denver International Airport

Should you find yourself at the Denver Airport, take the time to view my work and those of my gifted Expand artists / colleagues reproduced in the Main Terminal. You will see the images between the baggage claim areas and behind the car rental counters. This “Here to There” themed display was curated by the DIA Art and Culture Program. The airport desired more color in the main terminal spaces and happily, we were allowed to use it as our playground. Many thanks to my fellow artists and everyone that made this possible!
Our EXPAND artist group is comprised of five artists from the Denver metro area: Victoria EubanksJanice McDonaldCarol Ann WaughMary Williams and myself.


A Survey of Paintings and Prints at the PACE Center
with works in oils, pastels and monotypes. This exhibition catalog can be purchased online here.
30 color pages and text by the artist. $10 plus $4 postage.

Ken Elliott American Landscapes coffee table book:

Ken Elliott book, American Landscapes
This large coffee table book reprises 25 years of my works in oil, pastel, monotype, etching and collage.Large, coffee table hardback version, 11 x 13 inches, 94 color pages with essays. Book and a signed giclee print of the cover image: $150 or just order the book for $115.

Also available as an iBook / download on Apple devices for $9.99. You can preview the complete book and how to order your electronic or hardback versions from my website.
My Blog, For the Color

Want to follow along in my studio?
Come across some interesting art bits and intriguing posts from elsewhere? Check out my artist's blog: For the Color and on the right of the blog under Followers, click Join this Site. Right now you can view vintage videos of Renoir, Degas, a Piet Mondrian video montage, comments about my works and observations about museum artworks from some recent trips.

View my newest artworks:
This monthly newsletter is the best way to stay up to date with my new works and events. You can also follow me on Facebook and go more in depth with my blog, For the Color. To view the total of my works in all media and in all my galleries, go to

Thank you,
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Art Blog: For the Color

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American Art Collector Magazine:
"Elliott's canvases display the strikingly vivid modern hues in which he chooses to render his contemporary landscapes." 

Southwest Art Magazine:
 Although his paintings loosely reference photographs and plein-air sketches, they refuse to exist within the confines of already-prescribed images.

Rather, they stand independent of any specific place or time, the fulfilled pursuits of the artist’s visual and intellectual explorations.

Elliott wields color boldly, creating sizzling, vibrant shapes that are at once kinetic and placid, grounded in unifying illumination, and focused compositions.

He has a fascination with line structure as well, believing that “edges empower colors.” 

Private Lessons:
I have really enjoyed giving private lessons over the years. It is casual, focused and fun.

There will be a big result in your approach to making fine art and clarity on your career strategies. Give me a call and we'll discuss what works best for you.

Lodging and transportation can be provided for the Castle Rock Workshops.

What they are Saying:

"I can't thank you enough for coming to Boulder! Thank you for your clear eye, your hard work, your beautiful color and your careful feedback. I'm now a different Painter...maybe a different person?

I loved the weekend. And I can't wait until we get to soak up your love for the work, for Wolf Kahn, for COLOR -- yet again (note that I'm greedy). You are an amazing addition to our lives."

"Thank you so much for lighting up our lives and our paintings at this past weekend’s workshop! I loved hearing about your time with Wolf Kahn, your thoughts on painting, the beautiful demo, and of course the great feedback you provided us on our own paintings.

You really reignited my desire to paint freely. Thanks also for your generosity in sharing the numerous links.

I hope to spend another weekend painting with you sometime soon."

"Thank you for the workshop! It was a great two days. You are an amazing host and instructor, (two things that don’t always work together).

You pulled something from each of us and it was wonderful to be a part of it. Thanks to the moon and back,"

"Thank you Ken. It was a wonderment! I learned so much."

"I so enjoyed meeting you and being part of the workshop. You got me on fire!!!!!"
"Wow! My weekend of private lessons was fabulous! While I was there I stepped into a whole new world that my soul was calling for.

Wonderful conversations, a beautiful time with great art everywhere and artistic success!"

"It was a fabulous workshop! I know we all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed having you here. We would love to have you come back again next year!"

"Just wanted to thank you again for a very inspiring, informative, and fun workshop. I worked LARGE today!"
"Thank you for all your inspiration!"

"Thanks SO VERY MUCH, Ken, for such a fun, informative, and energetic workshop. Your enthusiasm is contagious. What a wonderful weekend!!"

"When I signed up for a painting workshop, who knew that it would be so much more.Thank you Ken. For your kindness, generosity of spirit, and sharing your knowledge and skill of painting with us.

Thank you to everyone for making our time together a magical weekend which will be cherished. Fortunately the universe provided me with what I needed, whether I knew it or not."

"Love the class, you are a great teacher!"
"I feel so enriched and on fire to paint big and glowing colors. If you ever get a chance to study with Ken Elliott, I highly recommend him. If you need help getting to his workshops just read his book Manifesting 123"
Francine "


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Friday, July 8, 2016

Exhibiting: Arden's Gallery, Houston July 23

"Lake Palette", oil on canvas, 36 x 48

I have a Two-Person Exhibit with new works opening in Houston, TX.
Saturday, July 23, 5-7 pm

Arden's Gallery

view the exhibit

I hope to see you there!