Friday, May 25, 2012

New pastel, Bright Flow

In a response to Carly Hardy on facebook regarding the previous pastel post, "Bright Flow":

Carly: Must learn to push more in my paintings!! Love the way your colors flow into one another but still retain their own identity!"

I responded: "...sometimes you just have to insist on the colors. For me, it is often an arbitrary choice, and then I have to see if it works on that spot just fine or if I have to make modifications there or elsewhere to resolve the new color. It's easy to get artsy - cute... a fine line between something thrilling or just tacked on for effect. This was a good day at the office."

Carly Hardy does great color work...check her out.

Perhaps you would like to attend my upcoming oil and pastel workshop:
Making it Fine Art
A two-day workshop in Denver, Sat-Sun, July 21-22.
Two-day workshop: $225. per person  Complete info
Also, there are plans for a 2012 Summer or Fall Houston, TX workshop as well.  Please inquire

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