Monday, June 26, 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

Ken Elliott's Art Newsletter, July 2017
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July News:

Sometimes the business of art is absolute fun! I just delivered a large commission and happily sold a number of works to collectors this month... an honor and a joy.

It is a privilege to be exhibiting in the expansive Paper on paper: The Art of Chine-Colle exhibit at the Arvada Center for the Arts, CO. This is a Big Show with amazing artworks on paper by a large number of impressive artists. I hope you can get by to see it. More info below.

More workshops are coming up:
Sat-Sun, August 5-6
In my Castle Rock home / studio (Denver metro)
Marshfield, MA, 2017
August 26-27

Sponsored by the North River Art Society in the Boston metro.  More info and registration

Also, Casey Klahn and I just complied our 4-day, intensive art workshop last month and another is in the works for Oct 2017. Watch for more details.
More info and registration

Works in progress at Casey and Ken's May workshop with eight artists.

New Work:

Saccades VIII
Oil on canvas, 40 X 40    $6650 framed
Exhibiting: Renjeau Gallery, Natick, MA

Currently Exhibiting:

Paper on paper: The Art of Chine-Colle at the Arvada Center for the Arts
The exhibit continues through Sunday, August 20th.
6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO map
more information and photos

The exhibition features the works of Mark Lunning, Ken Elliott, Jane Braley, Lynn Heitler, and Amy Metier - printmakers who utilize the technique of chine-colle in various ways. Chine-colle is a printmaking process that transfers a print onto both a support surface and thinner, more delicate papers which become a part of the printed image.
Here's a video of one of Ken's exhibiting prints being made

Descending Trees II
Exhibiting: The Art of Chine-Colle at the Arvada Center for the Arts
image: 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
paper: 29 3/4 x 22 1/4    Sold
Available as limited edition giclee

Grateful Notices:

Gold Progression I
oil on canvas 48 x 48     Private collection, IL
Available as limited edition giclee

View to the Foothills
oil on canvas, 40 x 40    Private collection
Available as limited edition giclee

Far Blue Hill
oil on canvas, 30 x 40    Private collection

Workshops / Private Sessions:
Take your work to new heights. These workshops and private sessions will focus on strategies for making better paintings, going to new places in your work and making fine art.

April Making it Fine Art Workshop at Ken's studio / home

Denver, CO, 2017
August 5-6

Making it Fine Art / Advanced Strategies
2 1/2-Day Workshop with Ken Elliott
Complete info and register online
Sat-Sun, 9am-4 pm
Sat evening after break, 4:30 -6, Photoshop Tools
Open to artists in all media

$390 per person
Workshop Flyer  Contact Ken
This is a new, advanced version of Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshop. We will be going deeper into making better and more appealing artworks with a variety of strategies and with Photoshop insights made easy.

Marshfield, MA, 2017
August 26-27

Making it Fine Art / Advanced Strategies
2 1/2-Day Workshop
Sponsored by the North River Art Society
Fri - Sat, 9-4pm
Sat evening after break, 4:30 -6, Photoshop Tools

Members $425, non-members $465. Payable to the North River Art Society
Register by contacting Peggy Bruno 781-837-8091 or email

Open to artists in all media. This is a new, advanced version of Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshop. We will be going deeper into making better and more appealing artworks with a variety of strategies and with Photoshop insights made easy!
Workshop flyer  Contact Ken

A dual Workshops with Ken and Casey Klahn are tenatively scheduled for October 2017.

Contact Ken to learn more or to schedule a workshop in your area.
all workshop info

Great things happen in these Fine Art Classes with information that will last a lifetime.

Ken's work at the Denver International Airport

Should you find yourself at the Denver Airport, take the time to view my work and those of my gifted Expand artists / colleagues reproduced in the Main Terminal. You will see the images between the baggage claim areas and behind the car rental counters. This “Here to There” themed display was curated by the DIA Art and Culture Program. The airport desired more color in the main terminal spaces and happily, we were allowed to use it as our playground. Many thanks to my fellow artists and everyone that made this possible!
Our EXPAND artist group is comprised of five artists from the Denver metro area: Victoria EubanksJanice McDonaldCarol Ann WaughMary Williams and myself.


A Survey of Paintings and Prints at the PACE Center
with works in oils, pastels and monotypes. This exhibition catalog can be purchased online here.
30 color pages and text by the artist. $10 plus $4 postage.

Ken Elliott American Landscapes coffee table book:

Ken Elliott book, American Landscapes
This large coffee table book reprises 25 years of my works in oil, pastel, monotype, etching and collage.Large, coffee table hardback version, 11 x 13 inches, 94 color pages with essays. Book and a signed giclee print of the cover image: $150 or just order the book for $115.

Also available as an iBook / download on Apple devices for $9.99. You can preview the complete book and how to order your electronic or hardback versions from my website.
My Blog, For the Color

Want to follow along in my studio?
Come across some interesting art bits and intriguing posts from elsewhere? Check out my artist's blog: For the Color and on the right of the blog under Followers, click Join this Site. Right now you can view vintage videos of Renoir, Degas, a Piet Mondrian video montage, comments about my works and observations about museum artworks from some recent trips.

View my newest artworks:
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Grateful Notices: Gold Progressions and Far Blue Hill, oils on canvas

Gold Progression I
oil on canvas, 48 x 48   private collection, IL

My deepest thanks to the purchasers of these two oils, Gold Progression I and Far Blue Hill. Each of these landscapes are straightforward compositions where the color is the prime element.

With both oils, the color becomes a part of the complexity and experience, weaving in and out, creating glow and motion.

Here is a bit more about Gold Progression I on my blog.

Far Blue Hill
oil on canvas, 30 x 40  private collection, CO

Monday, June 12, 2017

New Work: Sun Behind the Foothills oil on canvas, 36 x 60 inches

Sun Behind the Foothills  oil on canvas, 36 x 60 inches
This is my most colorful version of the foothills nearby. After getting halfway into this 5 foot canvas and the complexities of the sky, I decided to start a smaller version shown below, Radiant View, 24 x 24 on panel. In Radiant View, I began to work out some of the sky ideas started on the larger one and quickly got myself into another set of problems. Now I had another painting that was half sky and the lower half had a considerable amount of land mass that required an interesting solution.

I had to laugh at myself, now I've created two problem canvases, but that's the nature of all the other artworks currently in the studio.

Continuing to work on the smaller oil, I opted for a mountainside at the bottom with slight details in order to make the sky the prominent feature of the oil. Surprisingly, I had to add another line of hills at the very bottom to make that land portion more interesting. It also gave the mountain above it even more mass and created a nice counterpart to the illuminated sky patterns.

Getting back to the larger oil, I went the other direction with the land mass, adding considerably more detail and brighter colors to the sky and the foothills. As the panting developed, I pushed the brights, setting up more contrast and drama.

With both of these oils the primary motivators were the painting themselves. Although they are similar, I followed where each painting took me, working through options unique to to each oil and striving to reach the best result.

Radiant View  oil on panel, 30 x 30 inches