Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Grateful Notices: Soft Sunset, oil on canvas, 24 X 48

Soft Sunset, oil on canvas, 24 X 48 private collection

Occasionally there is a canvas that never makes it to competition. Soft Sunset was one of those pieces, continually evolving, presenting more problems and demanding a good finish.

I have a few of these problem works currently stacked in the studio, patiently waiting for the last brushstrokes to pull it all together. 

This canvas was started at least three years ago and for whatever reason, I found the solution last week. The painting was too bright with a number of colors competing for attention, keeping it out of balance.

I made a big move by adding grays to almost every part of the canvas, allowing just a bit of the original, brighter colors to gleam through. After that, it was a matter of some color and contrast adjustments, a pleasant task.

Perhaps this same strategy will work on some of the other old canvases.....

My sincere thanks to the collector that purchased this for her home.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Grateful Notices: Saccades I and VI, oils on panels, 24 x 24 inches

Saccades I   24 x 24 inches    Sold by Saks Galleries, Denver  private collection

Saccades VI   24 x 24 inches    Sold by Saks Galleries, Denver  private collection
It is always a thrill for your gallery to call and let you know that a painting has sold... even more when you find out that the client has inquired about a second work as a possible pair.

When your artworks are selling around the country, artists don't always have the pleasure of meeting with their collectors. Happily, I delivered the second oil to the clients home and we spent the evening getting to know each other with laughs and insights.

After looking at different locations for the oils, their original idea of the dining room was the best. It's always tricky to hang two works side by side perfectly so I was happy to have the husbands help. I should take him along next time.

What a delightful evening! Many thanks to the fascinating couple that purchased these works and again to Saks Galleries for their wonderful support.

More information about the Saccades Series of oils

Monday, September 4, 2017

New Work: Bright Patterns, oil on canvas, 48 x 60

Bright Patterns, oil on canvas, 48 x 60  $10959 framed

At it's essence, this oil is a simple composition but with a lot of complexity. There are layers of leaves  in essentially two colors: variations of red-orange and green. The dark band helps to intensify the foliage and the sky coming though creates a delicate counterpoint.

To further accentuate the diaphanous foliage, the foreground complexity is kept to a minimum, even substituting what would usually be dark shadows for light lavender passages in the middle left

There is a gentle rhythm and flow as the short grasses move across the bottom of the canvas. They set up the tree and leaf patterns as they move upward and burst out a bit like fireworks.