Thursday, December 4, 2014

In the Studio: December 4, 2014

The studio is becoming a busy and crowded space!
I am preparing for two shows in January, 2015.

Lower right is an art class demo from Omaha, Nebraska a few months back. It is a 36 x 36 oil, untouched from the initial session. It was a very nice start (part of the class lesson that day).

Upper right is a completed 40 x 40 oil that has been through many, many transformations and finally ending in success.

Center is another oil, 48 x 48, that went from 'good enough - finished' to something more dramatic and appealing. It is almost complete after going through a complete metamorphosis in a dramatic fashion. Before I cleaned off the painting palette for the day, I took those 15ish colors and quickly applied them in an overall fashion to the entire painting, changing palette, contrasts, composition and the trunk patterns. It developed into a new start over what was a finished oil and I'm very happy with the new result. Very little is left to do here.

Bottom left: a 36 x 48 oil after one session. It has great possibilities and I'm looking forward to following where it takes me next.

Upper left is a 48 x 72 oil that is taken from the small oil on the bottom right. These two oils are a perfect representation of where a great start can take you. All the information I need for that 7 foot oil is right there in the smaller demo. 

The PACE Center in Parker, CO will have what is essentially a retrospective of my works in various mediums: oil, pastel, monotypes and collage. There will be a catalog of the exhibit as well.  More information on that mid-January opening will follow.

I'm excited to announce that my Houston gallery of many years is expanding into a new space in a very prestigious part of the city, January of 2015. The new gallery name will be Arden's River Oaks and the grand opening date is yet to be announced. I'll have a number of new works including the 4 x 7 in progress here.

Enjoy the holiday season!