Monday, July 21, 2014

Grateful Notices: On a Saturday Afternoon, oil on canvas

On a Saturday Afternoon, oil on canvas 30 x 30 inches

This oil is a smaller, cropped version of the same cloudscape I have done a few times now. The larger versions are 60 and 72 inch horizontals.

I Really Like this array of clouds. This particular version was started in one of my workshops and over the last few months it has been my task and delight to make it stronger and more attractive with every painting session. I thought it was finished a couple of times but after viewing it for a few days I knew it could be a better painting. Just good enough is not thrilling or satisfying.  

My good friend Carol was in the studio this week and watched a part of my last session as some of the tastiest colors were added.  It was great fun to push the color when she was there and she decided to purchase it for her collection.

Thank you so much!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Making it Fine Art" Workshop Schedule 2014

Alaska Workshop, Stillwater Cove  July 2014

In Ken's "Making it Fine Art" workshops, new artistic paths are offered as well as strategies for making fine art. It is an inspirational weekend with information that will last you for a lifetime.

The feedback from the "Making it Fine Art" Workshops has been very positive. People are saying they are getting much more than they expected and for many, a real boost to their careers. Some have experienced tremendous breakthroughs. More info on the Workshop web page

For those interested, at the end of each weekend workshop Ken will give a free lecture / book signing of his new book, Manifesting 123 and you don't need #3. It works wonderfully for artists!

If you don't see a workshop convenient to you, please give me a call to arrange one close by with your group and friends.

Ken's studio, Castle Rock, CO
(Denver Metro)
Sat-Sun, September 13-14
$290, one-day option, $160.
Call for details: 303-995-1611 or email Ken

Beatrice, Nebraska Workshop
Lincoln, NE Metro
Saturday-Sunday, October 18-19 9-4pm
Sponsored by the Beatrice Art Guild
More details to follow

Cape Cod, Massachusetts Workshop:
Saturday and Sunday October 25-26
Sat 9-5 and Sun 9-4pm.
Sponsored by the North River Arts Society
More details to follow

Plans are in the works for two-day formal painting and pastel workshops in Denver, Austin, Atlanta, Ventura County, CA and New York.
If you are interested in joining or want me to teach in your area, please let me know and we'll plan a great event. Two-day workshops, $350. In the Workshops, we will be discussing strategies for making fine art and taking your art to the next level.  More info on the Workshop web page

Private Lessons:
I have really enjoyed giving private lessons over the years as well. It is casual, focused and fun. There will be a big result. Give me a call and we'll discuss what works best for you. Transportation and accommodations are included as space is available for out of town guests in Ken's home / studio. Please inquire by email or 303-995-1611

A private lesson recommendation:

"Ken Elliott is an excellent host and a very accommodating art instructor who helped me clarify my goals and improve my skills. He offered productive review, practical methods and excellent business advice. I benefitted tremendously from our class and feel confident the quality of my work has moved to another level. Thank you Ken."
Rona Lynn Fitzpatrick

People are saying:

"So, when my friend, Ken Elliott, told me he was co-teaching a workshop on color with Casey Klahn, I immediately said sign me up! Ken's work is simplified impressionist landscape with an emphasis on bold color like reds and yellows. Casey's work is influenced by the cloudy days of the northwestern part of the United States, and his paintings are simplified, abstracted landscapes. Casey uses subdued colors like blues and purples. Both artists' style and color sense are so dramatically different than mine that I knew I would be challenged by this workshop. And indeed I was! I have to smile when I see the work I produced in this workshop. It's so unlike my usual work."
Lee McVey website

"I feel so enriched and on fire to paint big and glowing colors. If you ever get a chance to study with Ken Elliott Fine Art I highly recommend him. If you need help getting to his workshops just read his book Manifesting 123"

Great class Ken! Thank you for all the good tips and inspiration. So glad you came to Houston.

You are so gracious. Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop and ALL that you shared. It was a great weekend.

A good time was had by all! Thank you!
Barbara, Workshop organizer and attendee

It was a great work shop, I highly recommend Ken's workshops.