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Manifesting 123: Ken Elliott as author / radio show interviews

Yes, I am a full-time artist, but in the summer of 2013 I published a book about manifesting and the law of attraction. It's off to a very fast start selling hundreds of copies in a few weeks!

I learned from the best teachers and had some amazing experiences and results that I shared with my friends. People that had been studying and practicing manifesting for decades told me I had new an important information. Further, they said I presented as simply as they have ever heard it done.

This is not an ordinary manifesting or law of attraction book. This book contains critical new information that allows anyone to successfully and confidently bring good things into their lives. As an artist, it is my secret success weapon!

This book is THE basic manual for manifesting and attraction, the go-to book easily explained with fascinating success stories.

It's a nice thing to quickly sell a number of books but more importantly, I'm getting a flood of stories about how effective and how simple this process is. I was taught by the very best on the subject and I am passing it on to you as the go-to manual on the process. I have to admit, I've been very successful at manifesting good things in my life and it's one of the secrets to my success as an artist. 

Every time I do an art class or lecture I add the information in the book to the event. I've had a lot of favorable comments from my fellow artists, so I want to pass everything along to you. This is an art, not author blog, so if you want to follow the developments and stories resulting from this book, please use the links below. Only on rare occasions will I post recent developments or stories regarding manifesting  to this art blog.

Ken was recently interviewed on these these radio shows:

Listen to recent radio interviews archived:
Come at Get it Radio with hosts Wayne and Kelly
November 2013

Two hours of Manifesting 123 in detail. Ken discusses how he learned thought is real. Each time he sent something in thought, his gifted friends would see it form up on the other side - in spirit. A caller explains how she used the Manifesting 123 techniques to quickly find the money necessary to move from California and start a new life and career in Colorado. Did anyone say Las Vegas?
listen / download

The Ronnie McMullen Show
July 27, 2013
listen / download
In this interview you will hear me describe manifesting at its core. I have an incredible personal story demonstrating how manifesting really works - it's not just hoping for a good result. I describe how your thoughts actually form up. It changes everything.

The Survival Talk Radio with host Klarque Garrison and co-host Michele Gilliam Morrisey
August 21, 2013.
Click to listen  Note the Interview timing start and end: 9:27 - 32:24 min.

Links and more information:

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What they are saying: from the website

This is brilliant! Ken not only learned about manifesting, he changed his own life using the techniques you will learn here. The simple and profound gift of this book could only come from a masterful ability to teach what took him many years to learn. Begin changing your life today. --Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC

Your book is the best I have read, and I do read this subject. Simple, covers all the bases with humour and clarity. Great job! Great resource and I thought I was 'done'--not quite it seems, so thanks! --Emily and Ted from Canada

Of all the Law of Attraction books, films etc. that I've tried, this works the best and the quickest.

"Ken's book is simple, to the point and, compared to others I have read, the easiest manifesting book to use. He took me on an elegant, successful journey."Jan D., publisher, artist, Larkspur, Colorado

"I LOVED your talk and am so amazed and inspired by the miracles you make everyday!! I am SO VERY excited to read your book and tell the world about it!
Rod, Omaha, Nebraska

"I have known about visualizing our way to a higher, improved and happier life, but I was never very good and would just give up on it after a short time. Then Ken Elliott taught me his Manifesting 1,2,3! Ken makes it easy. You stick with it and magic happens! You won't believe the results!
K.M., Denver

"Ken is an engaging, personable speaker with terrific stories that illustrate just how simple and straightforward it is to create. Do not miss him when he speaks. Invest in your life, please. Buy Ken's book."
E., Canada.

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