Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In the Studio March 12, 1013

In the studio today.

On the easel is a 40" x 40" corporate commission completed today. On the upper left is a work in progress, 3' x 5' and below it is a oil I'm reworking (Bright Flow, 3' x 5') and I'm very happy with the result. On the floor, right is a red 4' x 5' oil in progress. Up on the easel, right is a 20" pastel study for an oil yet to be born. It was a very busy day and good progress was made on all fronts. Note that the oils are tipped into the gold 'floater' frames. It helps to see them in the frames sometimes.


  1. Ken, wonderful to see the full shot of the studio and all the pieces you are working on or just finished. This is the way my studio also looks... many pieces sitting around in different stages of completion and some finished works. Your work is inspiring and I always enjoy seeing what you are doing. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thank you Martha! I can't wait to make more. Hope all is going great for you!