Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Workshop: Denver, July 2012

Here is a photo from my Denver workshop, "Making Fine Art." We are working it...there are oils, acrylics and pastels in small to large sizes being tamed and bent to our will !

Most of the attendees were from the Denver Metro but Suzanne was from Alaska, bearing fresh salmon and amazing stories for everyone.  We had a marvelous time, everyone brought their unique experiences, efforts and their were kudos all around. Some very good works were created by everyone to take back home.  It's quite the honor working with artists that have truly focused their minds and hearts to the creation of fine art.    ...and yes, we celebrated with champagne afterwards.  It was a great weekend.

In late October or early November, I'll be doing a formal painting and pastel workshop in the Houston metro.  The class is forming up now.

Also, there are tentative plans for Workshops in Cape Cod, Atlanta and New York, 2013.  complete info  In the Workshop, we will be discussing the strategies for making fine art and taking your art to the next level.  The two-day workshop is $225.  Please let me know if your are interested  email me about workshops  complete workshop info

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