Sunday, August 19, 2012

Video: Piet Mondrian, A Journey Through Modern Art


Piet Mondrian, A Journey Through Modern Art    YouTube
Here is an intriguing video about the evolution of Piet Mondrian. Music by Philip Glass. The first two images, Amaryllis and Molen Mill are not in the video, but are included here to further demonstrate Mondiran's skill and development.

Molen Mill, Mill in Sunlight

Avond (Evening): Red Tree
Piet Mondrian was born in the Netherlands in 1872. He is best known for abstracted paintings of colored squares and black lines. His  creative journey took him through realist works and in the end, he became an icon of a clean, minimalist style known throughout the world.


Composition with Grey and Light Brown

His last painting, Broadway Boogie Woogie
Trafalgar Square

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