Saturday, September 8, 2018

New Work: Water, Land and Sky in Flow oil on canvas, 36 60 inches

Water, Land and Sky in Flow  oil on canvas, 36  60 inches
Sorelle Gallery, New Canaan, CT    $7500 unframed

The way light plays on the surface of lakes is a constant fascination to me. With this oil the lake is a factor but equally weighted with the bright, yellow trees in the distance.

Staged installation

This is likely the 5th or so version of this arrangement. As the painting progressed through the different trials, more glowing colors emerged and the overall look of the oil continued to get brighter. 

Each trial yielded a completed painting but after a few days of viewing what I had, those brighter shapes called out for more to be done. In this final version, there is movement everywhere, carried along by the changes in colors and in the way that the mass of the trees and cloud bank are surrounded by the atmosphere in the upper sky its reflection on the lakes surface. 

As it turns out, the painting titled itself. 

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