Sunday, October 1, 2017

To benefit the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, Houston

Ken Elliott  Afterglow
Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, $4400 framed
Donated to the Relief Fund website      Contact Arden's Gallery, Houston

Recently I noticed a trend in almost every cloudscape I paint. Rather than paint the perfect, puffy-white clouds, I opt for the darker ones. The darker clouds have more color and variation, giving more opportunities for a colorist painter.

I spent half of my life in Houston and now live in a Colorado landscape that is depicted here. Everyday I see the long lines of foothills with the cloud patterns in constant movement above the landscape.

The dark clouds in my work always have a counterpoint, a source of light. I realized that I am painting hope in these scenes. Although the cloud form is overpowering, it is a necessary part of the scene. Without that added drama, the soft glow in the landscape would look ordinary and uninteresting.

In the end, is the light, the hope that illuminates the scene and brings it beauty.

Thanks to the Relief Fund for the opportunity to give something back to my dear home town.


  1. You are a bright light in this world of duality. Your vision draws us to the light always...even with the dark visible and evident. Thank you.

    1. You are such a beautiful heart. I am so glad I get to selfishly keep you close as family! Thank you.