Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Work: Radiant View, oil one panel 24 x 24 inches

Radiant View
Oil on panel 24 x 24 inches $2450 framed

As I often do, I saw a nice sunset while stopped at a red light and took a photo of it through the windshield. It wasn't one of those OMG shots but I did like the way the sun lit up a small slice of the sky behind the foothills.

What you see here is a tiny, vertical slice of the wider photograph that is focused on the band of bright light that caught my attention. The composition is set up in an unusual way with the land and sky dividing the painting equally. The top portion has a very wide range of color and is fully illuminated, leaving a compositional problem for the bottom.

My focus was on the sky but the land mass needed to be interesting and fully contribute to the painting as well. While trying out a number of ideas, a blue-mauve color combination began to emerge and with it the feeling of mass. It made a great counterpoint to the delicate sky and created a more powerful oil.

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