Friday, January 15, 2016

Grateful Notices:

Forest Light
Oil on canvas 40 X 30 inches
Steamboat Springs Center for Visual Arts

A big thank you to the Steamboat Springs CVA!

I had blogged about this oil last year and discussed how it took awhile to bring it to completion. Here's the first part of that blog:

Over the years I have attempted a lot of oils and not all of them ended up as finished works. This piece was begun about three years ago and put aside.

Had I made a better start at the time, this painting might have essentially finished itself By offering a clearer path to resolution. Instead, the canvas was a muddy muddle without clear areas of focus. It was unappealing and I didn't have any ready solutions to take it forward.

This oil was in a stack of orphan canvases that needed help. My plan was to add three things the canvas lacked: contrast, drama and clarity. Thanks and gratitude to my teacher Wolf Kahn for those insightful tools.

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