Monday, November 27, 2017

Video: British artist Steven Wiltshire draws the N.Y. skyline from memory.

NY Times video by Benjamin Norman, Nathan Griffiths and Kaitlyn Mullin
This is a 360 video, so you can use a mouse to move around the video, With a smart phone or tablet, move your device to see the video in all directions.
View it here

After a 45 minute helicopter ride, Steven begins a drawing commissioned by the Empire State Building for their observation deck upgrade project.

His sister says that Michael was mute until he was 5 years old, a special needs child. His school discovered his amazing ability to draw very detailed scenes from memory.

It took him just five days to complete this very large work. Clearly, he has a rare gift and amazing focus.

Thank you Michael, for showing us what is possible. You are my hero.

Michael offers, "Do the best you can and never stop regardless."

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