Sunday, May 21, 2017

Workshop completed: Casey Klahn and Ken Elliott May 2017

Casey Klahn and I just wrapped up our recent Workshop at my home / studio last week.

This was a 4 day Mentoring class and a lot of ground was covered. Casey and I demonstrated in oil and pastel, did intensive work with everyone, provided focused Photoshop instruction, and the results were terrific. We also got 5" of snow but it didn't slow us down. 

There was abundant instruction, new ideas and 4 days of fun with wonderful artists.

We will be doing it again in the Denver metro, October 2017. 
Full details will be posted on Ken's Workshop page.

The Worksop attendees and Casey (Ken not pictured)
In the Workshop

Ken Elliott oil demo, 60 x 36 inches. In progress

Casey Klahn pastel demo  approx. 11 x 10

In the workshop

Casey doing a critique

Bonnie's oil 36 x 24 inches

Pat's pastel

Cheri's oil, 24 x 30  Nice to have a frame handy!

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