Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Work: Dusk Approaching, oil on canvas, 48 x 30 inches

Dusk Approaching
Oil on canvas, 48 X 30 inches  $6400 framed
Arden's Gallery, Houston, TX

As it often happens, this canvas started out as a fairly bright autumn piece. In that first version, there was something good about the way the blues and lavenders played off each other.

I added more of that combination because it was delicious to do so. At some point, the autumn scene became more of an evening mass of trees with the addition of more greens.

The painting has 5-6 discreet color zones, each complimenting the others and keeping the oil from being too monochrome. I made a point in the last painting session to separate all of the remaining colors but in subtle ways. The color is pushed a bit as well but within the idea of a receding dusk / tranquil moment in the forest. The lighting is not too bright, but enough to allow all the colors to glow.

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