Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Work: Winters Morning II, oil on canvas 60 x 60 inches

Winters Morning II, oil on canvas 60 x 60 inches
Private collection

This was a very enjoyable endeavor. This oil is very freshly done, starting with two sessions of turped-thinnned paint. 5 feet square is a lot of area to cover, so using the thinned oils in the first two painting sessions allowed me to completely fill in the canvas and put the composition in a good place for a finish. 

In this version I've added more light, greener foliage and detail.

This canvas is extrapolated from a previous one, Winters Morning 36 x 48, that just sold last week. As it turns out, the 3 x 4 foot canvas was something of a sketch for this larger one.

I did a video of that oil explaining how I painted over an older canvas with a newer idea. You can view the earlier blog about the oil and video here.

Being an artist is a real privilege and the joy flowed into these works.

Winters Morning I, oil on canvas 36 x 48 inches
sold, private collection

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