Friday, August 19, 2016

Grateful Notices: Gathering Light oil 36 x 36 inches

Gathering Light oil 36 x 36 inches  Private collection

This is an image that I have previously done a couple of versions of. The earlier oils were purple-based and more subdued. I really like this composition and felt compelled to really push the colors in a new version.

I began with the bright oranges and reds in combination, making a bright, new world.  Care was taken to keep the brightest reds and oranges in the background only. Other colors may be similar, but they are not as strong.

The strategy was to create a powerful, high-color scene. The stronger colors are not diluted, but magnified because they were not repeated elsewhere. It is the same with the yellow hues at the tops of the trees - that yellow is not used again. The other yellows are slightly green or red shifted, leaving the tops of the trees brighter than the other yellows.

It all comes together in a bright, luminous landscape where all of the elements accentuate the others, setting up the glowing red-orange background as a focus point.

It was a pleasure to work through this one and I want to thank the new owner for purchasing this for their home!

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