Monday, June 27, 2016

Just Fun: Prague Sculpture / 42 Rotating Layers Make up a Must See Surreal Sculpture

photo: Jindřich Nosek

Artist David Černý created a 45-ton rotating sculpture of Franz Kafka's head, which faces City Hall in Prague. video link above

Hidden within a busy shopping centre in Prague you'll find one of the most surreal sculptures you've ever seen depicting the head of famous writer Franz Kafka. This is the work of Czech artist David Cerny who's well known for his mesmerizing kinetic installations and although 42 independently driven layers of stainless steel moving in motion looks impressive, the sculpture also has a far deeper meaning.

The constant movement of Kafka's head also reflects the severe self doubt that the writer suffered with throughout most of his life. With 45 tons of steel used in total to create this incredible kinetic artwork watching it in motion really is quite amazing.

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