Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grateful Notices: Autumn Moment, oil on canvas

Autumn Moment, 40 x 40 oil on canvas
Private Collection

It is always an honor to have your work selected for someone's home. My sincere thanks to the buyer and to Linda Laughlin at the Steamboat Springs Center for the Visual Arts, Colorado for exhibiting my work and making the connection possible.

In this work I was pushing the color more but striving to keep the delicacy and sense of space. This oil started as a more complex array of trees, but evolved into a simpler grove with the complexity left in the foilage. 

The oil was almost finished but I was searching for additional ways to improve it as if it were completely new. I continued to alter the composition and made the reds and pinks more pronounced but it was still lacking something.

What color did I have in reserve? A solution was found with the blues and purple / violets, adding drama and more interest than my original concept. 

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