Monday, May 5, 2014

In the Studio: May 4, 2014

Two 4' x 4' oils are newly underway here. The one on the upper left and center easel came from very good starts. The upper left is essentially complete and the center one will have additional changes before it is done.

The field scene in the lower left is just painting itself as it sat around the last few weeks. That means I'm glad I left it alone after the last session... it is a better oil than I thought three weeks ago and much closer to being a very interesting, finished work. You gotta love it when that happens.

Having a number of painting in progress is a distinct advantage. The paintings all feed each other and the pressure is off to finish ONE precious canvas at a time before moving to the next one. This is a freer environment with a lot of work in play.

The 36" x 36" canvas at the far right is NOT painting itself but solutions are starting to percolate....


  1. The painting on the right is saying...'why are you isolating my yellow to the lower left corner?'

    I've found that starting several painting at one time actually makes me more excited about going to the studio each's not the same old conversation with the same easel all the time! Paint on!!

    1. That oil has a lot of disjointed bits. For now, I'm saving that yellow cause it's driving the power of the oil. I agree, something will have to worked out on this one. Glad I have others that are moving forward for now.