Monday, March 10, 2014

Nancy Rynes Describes the Landscapes She Saw in Heaven

Soft Blue Progression, pastel

Yellow Wall, oil 36 x 60 inches

I recently became good friends with Nancy Rynes here in Colorado. She was in a very serious accident earlier this year, resulting in a lengthly near death experience. Nancy is a scientist and was not a person really interested in spiritual topics until now. Nancy described a part of her experience today in her blog today entitled “What I Saw and Experienced in Heaven.”

She was guided and shown much on the ‘other side’ and was instructed to write a book about her experiences in the beautiful and loving place she was shown. 

On her blog today she talks a bit about that journey and told me that some of my artworks come close to describing the landscapes on the other side.

Quoting Nancy:

"The closest I can come to explaining what this Place "looked" like to my feeling-senses is to point you to the work of artist Ken Elliott. His paintings come closest to capturing what I felt underlying the landscape Over There. I'll share two pieces with you here with his permission, but please check out his website ( for more examples.

"Soft Blue Progression," top, comes closest to showing you what the visuals looked like for me. "Yellow Wall," as well as Ken's other paintings, gives a sense of the energy or vibration of LOVE and PEACE that build everything There."

Please visit the rest of the story on her blog:

We are looking forward to the book you have been instructed to write by the loving beings you saw over there.

Blessings to you, Nancy

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