Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Santa Secret for You and a Miraculous Story

Funny, I had been wanting to get my picture taken with Santa this year and it had been over 50 years since the last one. I was thinking about just how to do it. I could go to the Mall, but I wouldn't. The Santa photo just kept coming up. It was a thought and a wish of sorts, but not something I was really working on.
Within a week I found out that a Santa would be where I get my hair cut. I was all in! So last Saturday I want to see the owner Paul and got my photo taken with Santa. What fun!

As it so often happens, I got much more than I bargained for. Santa was Dr. Mike Rudnick, a delightful man. Since we had time to chat, he told me a Santa secret, VERY cool and I asked him what he wanted. He was much surprised, since that is usually his role. He said that no one had ever asked Santa that question before. We had a great time and yes, I did get my picture taken and Santa got a Manifesting 123 book so polish up his wishes with. It was all great fun and I'd recommend meeting up with Santa much sooner than every 50 years or so.
Santa told me a wonderful story. It's about a very young girl in Juarez, Mexico that was very sick. Many prayers were offered for this little girl and there was a marvelous result. Dr. Rudnick and his wife are a part of a church group that goes to Juarez in the summers, volunteering services to those in need there. As he mentions in the video, "It is different there." This young girl was threatened my an illness that would not be fatal in the US and she could easily get treatment in a US hospital. Unfortunately, access to the proper drug or a Juarez hospital were possible and this little girl had precious little time to live when Dr. Rudnick saw her.

Santa tells the story in his 6.5 minute video here. Remember, Santa has a cool secret to share!

Thank you, Santa for allowing me to film and pass on your story. Thank you as well Paul, owner of the Spellbound Salon for fixing me up with Santa. Sweet!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

It just occurred to me that not only have I had a wonderful year, but somehow manifested Santa himself. Hmmm... look at what we can do!

Thank you all for your support of this little big Manifesting book, your stories, and for passing the word on to your friends. Good things have happened, lives have been changed and joy is in the air. I wish that all your beautiful dreams, prayers, wishes and intentions come true with sugar plums on top!
Most sincerely,

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Author of Manifesting 123 and you don't need #3

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