Monday, October 21, 2013

New oils: October 21, 2013

Two new oils just completed:

As the Trees Glow
Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches. $9500 unframed

This oil was started some years ago and has been through numerous phases, all less than successful until this Fall. I learned a lot during the endless painting sessions here. The surrounding colors outside the studio window provided some of the dramatic solutions, but in the end it came from just being more courageous and paying attention to what the painting needed.

Snow on the Foothills
Oil on canvas, 20 x 60 inches. $4250 unframed

This was begun as a painting demonstration at my Denver art workshop earlier this year. I finished it just as the first real snow arrived in Denver last week. The painting quickly began to take on a glow and I stayed with it, increasing that effect. In the end, this simple composition became the place for hard contrasts and flowing chroma to take place.

It is interesting to see the heat and cool of these very different oils in the studio together.

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