Monday, January 2, 2012

New Works: The New Year, Etchings

All of last December, I felt the urge to start this art blog and pass on what is happening in the studio and also the interesting things that come my way.

For a couple of weeks in December I was working with the Master Printer, Mark Lunning at Open Press Studios in Denver.  I'm doing 4 new etchings there, each 14 x 14 inches.  It's been ages since I've made etchings - they were just small experiments at the time.  I had forgotten that it takes a very long time to create each image, but I love going into the print studio and spending the day there.  These images are done on two color plates, one color printed on top of the other and if you look closely, you will see embossing from the deeply etched plates.

The project is not finished yet, but I wanted you to get a look at two images from the last proofing session.  I'll get back to you when the suite of four is complete.


  1. Awesome ken, Congrats on getting this up and running. Wishing you all the joy and Happiness your heart desires. your friend Scott

  2. Thank you Scotty! It's going to be a very good year...keep painting!

  3. These images are wonderful! Good job on the new blog, Ken.

  4. Thanks Casey! I'm looking forward to putting up some good things to see. Congratulations on you 1000th blog post. Yours is one of the best blogs in the universe!