On Color Workshop with Ken Elliott and Casey Klahn, Madden Museum of Art, Denver, CO

Making it Fine Art Workshop, Colorado

Making it Fine Art Workshop, Colorado

Ken is available for Workshops with your group or individually.
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Denver, CO, 2017
Fri-Sat, Sept 22-23

Making it Fine Art Advanced Strategies
2 1/2-Day Workshop with Ken Elliott in his Castle Rock home/studio

$390 per person
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Fri-Sat, 9am-4 pm
Sat evening after break, 4:30 -6, Photoshop Tools

Open to artists in all media.
This is a new, advanced version of Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshop. We will be going deeper into making better and more appealing artworks with a variety of strategies and with Photoshop insights made easy.

Denver, CO, Fall 2017
Tentative planning:
Making it Fine Art Workshops / Advanced Strategies 2 1/2-Day Workshops with Ken Elliott

Open to artists in all media. This is a new, advanced version of Ken's Making it Fine Art Workshop. We will be going deeper into making better and more appealing artworks with a variety of strategies and with Photoshop insights made easy..
Complete information on the Workshop page Contact Ken to schedule a workshop in your area.

I hope to see you there!

Private Lessons:

I have really enjoyed giving private lessons over the years as well. It is casual, focused and fun. There will be a big result. Give me a call and we'll discuss what works best for you. Transportation and accommodations are included for out of town guests in Ken's home / studio. Please inquire by email or 303-995-1611

A private lesson recommendation:
"Ken Elliott is an excellent host and a very accommodating art instructor who helped me clarify my goals and improve my skills. He offered productive review, practical methods and excellent business advice. I benefitted tremendously from our class and feel confident the quality of my work has moved to another level. Thank you Ken."
Rona Lynn Fitzpatrick

Yellow with Red Insisting
oil on canvas 30 X 40
From my Alaska Workshop demonstration

Making it Fine Art Workshops

There are always new workshops being planned. If you would like for me to do a workshop in your area, please contact me to make arrangements. View the current workshop schedule on the website

In the Workshops, we will be discussing strategies for making fine art and taking your art to the next level. Please contact me if you want me to teach a workshop in your area.

Ken comes from a background of working in the art gallery and ancillary art businesses for over 40 years. As an artist for 25 of those years, he can speak to the business and creative aspects of being a professional artist.

From a Boulder, CO Workshop attendee:
"Just a quick note to let you know how much I learned, enjoyed and benefited from your art workshop at Jacque Michele’s studio Jan. 16-17. It was a groundbreaking eye opener for me in so many respects. At the end of the two days I felt like you had given me the tools to truly free up my art work and go wild with color and strokes. A very liberating experience indeed. It was such a pleasure to meet you and study under you. Hope we will be seeing more of you in Boulder."

Wood at the Lake
Pastel on sanded paper, 15 1/2 x 14 inches
From my workshop with the Pastel Society of ColoradoSold, private collection

Ken studied with Wolf Kahn for a month at the Santa Fe Art Institute Master Class program. He came away with enough information for a lifetime.  For decades he has been associated with a number of wonderful and successful artists.  As a former gallery dealer, he has a great deal of experience and knowledge about past and present artists and their reasons for success.  Having grown up in the arts with framing, gallery management and as an artist, he has much to offer to the hobbyist and professional artist.

Teaching Experience:
Madden Museum art class with Casey Klahn, Denver, CO
North River Arts Society, Marshfield, MA
Beatrice Art Guild, NE
Anchorage Art Guild, AK
Colorado Springs Art Guild, CO
Colorado Pastel Society, CO
Pikes Peak Pastel Society, CO

In the Workshops:
Ken will discuss strategies for creating better artworks with a variety of common and creative tools. The workshop will focus the strategies for making better paintings, going to new places in your work and how to make fine art. Much attention will be given to improving your own artworks and career.

Ken will demonstrate painting using oil and pastel. He will discuss the idea of making strong starts and keeping the way open for more interesting and dramatic finishes.

Attendees are invited to bring whatever they wish to paint with and work on. You may bring works or visuals to start, works in progress, and finished works to evaluate.  There will be a lot of conversation about the mental aspects of making good art by design and experiment.  The mental aspect is the quickest way to get the breakthroughs to the next big success in your art.

 Ken will bring some finished works to share with the group.

There will be serious discussions, laughs, and your questions.   We will all come away with new tools to take your art to the next level.

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